Why convert to our EcoAGA?

  • Cheaper to run – customers can save up to 80% off their current fuel bills by using the on/off feature. 
  • Same AGA cooking results, using radiant heat, producing food that is far nicer than a conventional oven. 
  • Complete temperature control, you can use both hobs at different temperatures. 
  • Ability to turn your AGA on and off, so in the summer you can turn the heat off but are still able to use the AGA to cook, and in the winter, you can leave the ovens on to keep the kitchen heated. 
  • No servicing requirements. 
  • No oil tanks, lines or flues needed. 
  • No flames or flammable fuels, reducing the fire risk. 
  • No carbon monoxide risk. 
  • No leaks, as there are no oil lines, gas pipes, valves or taps to leak. 


Already have an AGA? - We can convert your existing AGA, in situe, without the need for expensive removal & re-installation costs!

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How our EcoAGA conversion works 

The EcoAGA is a very clever bit of engineering. 


Traditionally oil, gas and electric AGAs were designed to be left on all the time. In this new age we find ourselves in, we thought there must be a better way! 

We wanted to retain the iconic style of an AGA cooker and retain the unique way that an AGA cooks but somehow make it into an on/off cooker. 

Some companies tried this but over complicated the design, incorporating printed circuit boards. PCB’s and heat are a bad idea, and many of these new on/off cookers suffer expensive repair bills at an early stage of their life. 


Our solution – keep the outside of the AGA, keep the ovens, keep the ability to cook using radiant heat, ensuring the food tastes as good as it does in an oil fired or gas AGA. 


We take a second-hand AGA and add a kit of special parts, known as an ‘Electrickit’ to create our EcoAGA. 

The result is a beautiful looking cooker, but without the high running costs. And yes, it still cooks like an AGA! 


The Electrickit is made by a company called Oilwarm, a friendly, professional team based in Devon, that manufacture and distribute range cooker parts. 


We choose to work using the Electrickit as it works differently to the ‘13amp’ conversions, which we do not recommend. The 13amp conversions save very little by way of energy consumption and financial costs in comparison to other AGAs and generally do not have a good track record with customers. 


In your EcoAGA you would find the hotplates are replaced by a hotplate that has an integrated electric element, but still looks just like the original hotplate. 

You would also see that we install an electric element between the roasting and simmering ovens, while also removing the main barrel assembly. This is to enable the AGA ovens to react to the heat quicker, ensuring shorter heat up times. 


The EcoAGA runs off two separate 13amp switched fuse supplies, one for the hobs and one for the ovens. 


The controls for the EcoAGA are behind the door, exactly like the controls were previously. You have two separate dials to control the hobs and a digital display for the ovens. The roasting oven can be set to the exact temperature you require, and the simmering oven will sit at around 80-100 degrees lower, the same as a traditional AGA. 


From cold you can turn on the hobs and start cooking in 15 minutes. 

From cold you can turn on the ovens and start cooking in approximately 80 minutes. 


You can of course put the ovens onto a timer, so they are ready to use when you walk through the door. 

If you want background heat in the winter the ovens can be left on a temperature of your choice all day and then turned up before use if needed. You can also leave the hobs on (at a maximum of 3 if the lids are closed) if you would like to, although obviously having it all on does defeat the object of having the capability of on/off! 


If you have any questions, would like to book a conversion or purchase a fully refurbished EcoAGA, please Contact Us.