2 Oven Power flue (Manor house Blue)

Priced at: £3500.00


The 2 oven gas AGA will give you; roasting, simmering ovens and two hobs.

Power Flue

By using an on-board fan to blow exhaust gases down a 2" flue pipe, this option often gives you the most flexibility when deciding where to position your newly refurbished gas AGA. The flue pipe can include 90 and 45 degree bends, and can even be buried in your floor if you had considered placing your AGA in the centre of your kitchen. There are a few do's and don'ts that must be complied with, including the number of bends and total length of the flue (to name just two). Once again, we are here to advise if you think this is an option for you.


  • Newly vitreous enamelled top
  • Chrome Lids
  • Cast Iron Lids (Optional extra)
  • Door & Lid Liners
  • Seals & Gaskets
  • Sandblasted Ovens
  • Newly vitreous enamelled front
  • 5 year warranty*